Cruising Gay Areas in Berlin


Berlin is a city plenty of parks, a very tolerant and open minded city and one of the current hotspots around the continent: thousands of European youngsters, many of them gay, have moved to Berlin during the last years. These facts can seem unrelated, but it is once we consider the three of them when we understand why the gay cruising areas in Berlin are everywhere. The German capital has so many gay cruising areas that it is not unusual to witness an unexpected hot scene while walking in any park. The best of all is that Berliner’s doesn’t seem to be bothered! Below you can find some of the main gay cruising areas in Berlin.

Tiergarten Park


Tiergarten Park is one of the most legendary gay cruising areas in Berlin. The area known as Gay Meador is the part of the park which concentrates the most of the sex cruising activity. When in the summer, it becomes the most popular Berlin’s place to take a sun bath and to practice nudism! And when the night falls it is also plenty of naked people, but not to get tanned. The Lion’s Bridge, close to the Berlin’s Zoo, is another gay cruising busy area of this very central park. During the summer the action behind the bushes is frenetic. Even in winter, despite the low temperatures, it is possible to find some fun.

Volkspark Friedrichshain


Located in the centre/east of the city, Volkspark Friedrichshain is one the most popular gay cruising areas in Berlin. Close to the Marchenbrunnen Fountain and to the memorial to the Spanish soldiers, gay cruisers look for action 24/7. However, it is better to be cautious during the night time.

Volkspark Hasenheide


Hasenheide is definitely much more discreet than the busy TiergartePark. However, it is still one of the most popular gay cruising areas in Berlin. It even hosts a gay bar and many neighbours usually walk through its green fields (many of them with their radar on). All types of gay men find fun in this park, from young to mature. It is better to visit it during the day, as at night the place gets dodgier.



In this forest, close to S-Bahn Station Grundewald, locals and visitors have the best gay cruising area for Berlin’s summer days. In a sunny day, you will find many hot men looking for fun while walking through the trees. When in the afternoon, it is very popular among leather lovers. GrundewaldParaje is definitely the place where to enjoy nature and sex.



This small Park in the Tempelhof – Schoneberg neighbourhood is one of the best gay cruising areas in Berlin. Close to the observatory it is quite easy to meet sport guys yogging that decide to take a break to breathe and to relax. And in many occasions they prefer to relax in company. It is the perfect place for bisexuals.