Gay Clubs in Madrid


A few years ago, the slogan “Madrid, the city that never sleeps” appeared very often in Media when talking about the Spanish capital city. We have to admit the campaign was not only brilliant, but also true. During the 80s, Madrid had a very active night life, the very well-known movida madrileña. The 90s weren’t as great as the precedent decade was, however, the new millenium took back Madrid’s life to a new golden age: the economy was growing considerably, while many young people from the rest of Spain migrated to Madrid to study or to look for a job. Besides, many new citizens arrived from the other side of the Atlantic. At the same time, Chueca consolidates as the gay neighbourhood in Madrid, and becomes the perfect destination for the gay and lesbian community from all over Spain. The increase of the young population revitalised Madrid’s night life, and Chueca, the location of the most of the gay bars and clubs in Madrid, rapidly became one of the main hotspots to party at. Next, we will give you some tips about gay clubs in Madrid so you won’t sleep either when visiting it:


When Cool opened its doors, it instantly became one of the favourite gay clubs in Madrid among the gay community. At first, it was not addressed to the gay public but it finally became mainly gay. The Good music sessions and an astonishing decoration have turned Cool into the most popular venue among top less fit guys who love dancing house music. After remaining closed for a while, Cool is back to the Madrid’s night scene and organises gay parties every week, as LOL gay.

Despite being one of the most popular gay clubs in Madrid, and that sometimes you need to queue to get in; Polana is not the trendiest club in the city, so no attitude is needed. The mainstream music, plenty of hits from the 80s and 90s, the mix of people, from all ages and sexual conditions, and the fun atmosphere (plus the high amount of pheromones in the air…) might be the key of the Polana’s friendly vibe. It is not the place where to find shirtless muscled guys, but where to find a lot of people who just want to have fun and who are more than open to make new friends.Discotecas-Gay-Madrid-Polana

Long Play it is probably the most popular gay club in Madrid among the youngest. Long Play has two different atmospheres, the upper floor is reserved for house and electronic music, while the ground floor is Dance and Pop territory, the perfect place for those who love mainstream rhythms. It is conveniently located in the heart of Chueca, the prices are affordable and opens until late.

Such a suggestive name (“Dance darling!” literally) belongs to one of the newest gay clubs in Madrid. Everything in Baila Cariño works to make of this venue a different alternative to the other clubs located in Chueca. In first place, it is located out of the traditional night party areas (but not far away from them). A risky and a bit baroque decoration gives the venue a distinctive stylish point. Besides, it is open to a much more diverse public than other of the Chueca’s clubs, counting gay and straight, young and mature, no attitude, hipsters… Baila Cariño is fresh air for the Madrid’s night scene.


La Boite’s agenda is basically fully booked. They organize from Djs sessions to flamenco shows or theatre plays. In fact, La Boite is probably the most active gay club in Madrid. The public who goes to this venue is as diverse as it is the wide range of shows it hosts. All ages and all sexual orientations are more than welcome. La Boite is a little oasis with a hint of the 80s where getting bored is almost impossible.

Located in the heart of Chueca, Studio 54 is the favourite gay club in Madrid for middle age guys, particularly for those who work out hard and like to show it by using very tight T-shirts. It is only few meters far from the Liquid bar, so many of this cool bar customers continue the party in Studio 54 when it closes down. The DJ’s play mainstream house music in this very stylish decorated venue. Among Studio 54 regulars, you will find straight, gay and curious guys, the most of them Gym lovers.