Gay Cruising Areas in London

In olden times, London had quite a lot of public restrooms scattered throughout the city. And this is not random in the slightest. If we bring up the fact that London´s parks are large and widespread, and if we consider the strength the gay movement has traditionally had in the British capital, it becomes easy to realize how much potential the gay cruising areas have in London. It is well known how busy they can get throughout the year.

Not in vain, they were once the only meeting point for a gay community that was just engaging in the difficult task of coming out of the closet. Regardless of the fact that nowadays many websites and mobile applications have become the most common ways to meet people, the gay cruising areas still have a loyal public. Here you can find some of the main gay cruising areas in London.


Hampstead Heath

It is not only one of the biggest parks but also the best gay cruising area in London. We may need to travel way back in history to find out when Hampstead Heath became the epicenter of the gay cruising. It is certainly the ideal place for it. It is huge and filled with trees, which gives a plus of discretion. Besides, many Londoners go to Hampstead Heath during the summer, for a sunbath and to enjoy its beautiful swimming ponds. When the sun goes down, some of these visitors decide it is pretty early to go back home yet and prefer to get lost in the park’s woods.

Even though the summer evenings are the best time to visit this gay cruising area, you can find it to be busy throughout the entire year. The men who go there are very diverse, so you can find mature guys as well as young guys, fit sportsmen and muscly clubbers, neighbors who lived around this magnificent park, and much more.


Hyde Park

During the day it is one of the most touristic places in the city: a lot of green fields filled with trees in the heart of one of the biggest metropolis on the continent. Despite the park closing its gates during the night, as soon as the sun is down it becomes a popular gay cruising area in London. The perfect place to find some fun with no need to leave the city center. There are gay cruisers all throughout the year in Hyde Park, even though it is more popular during the summer.


Liverpool Street Station

The first thing you see when going to the toilet in this busy station is that you have to pay a few pennies to access them and that there are some workers taking care of the place. It may come across as the last place in London to practice cruising, but if you take a quick look at what goes on in the restroom, you will realize the practice is far from extinct. Luckily, the staff takes the job in a very relaxed way, something that definitely works to benefit cruising lovers. It is a popular hotspot for many businessmen who work around the area and have some time to spare before their train departure. It is also conveniently close to the Chariots Sauna, so the restrooms become quite often a meeting point to find fellow cruisers and move the fun into the sauna.

Clapham Common

This park is one of the oldest gay cruising areas in London. During the last few years, it has lost some of its appeal. However, it still hides gay cruisers between its trees.


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