Gay Cruising Bars Berlin

We have talked quite a few times about how active Berlin’s gay life is. And we were also surprised due to the lack of gay sauna’s the German capital suffers from if we compared it to other major European cities. However, it looks to be a matter of locals’ preferences: there are so many gay cruising areas and gay cruising bars in Berlin that no one really misses any sauna at all. The number of gay cruising bars in Berlin is just impressive. Some of them opened decades ago, while others have opened more recently. The gay cruising bars in Berlin close quite late in the night (if they do it at all, as some venues open 24h) and some of them are a good place where to have a drink and to dance while listening to a good Dj’s session. Berliners are also pioneers in a new concept: the gay cruising Nightclub! Next we show you some of the most popular gay cruising bars in Berlin.



If you like gay cruising bar with history and that hint the old gay bars had, plenty of men in leather, then Mutschmann’s is your place. This venue counts to different floor. The first floor has private rooms, while the basement has the dark room area, which is a must in any gay cruising bar, where all kind of action happens.

To get into Mutschmann’s you must follow their strict dress code, which goes from leather to uniforms or even… naked! It is usually on Thursday when the naked party takes place. However, if you are curious about the place but your wardrobe has never seen a leather vest or an army trouser, on Wednesday they have a more permissive entrance policy.


New Action

New action is another classic in the Berlin’s gay scene that opens its doors back in the eighties, in the hearth of Schönenberg. It has become the favourite gay cruising bar in Berlin for fetishists who love leather, latex and, of course, sex cruising. Despite it being opened during so many years, New Action has been refurbished and counts with two bars, a huge dark room and many discreet corners. The nudist party takes place on Wednesdays. It is definitely not a good choice for the shy ones!



Kreuzberg, the alternative (and gay) neighbourhood, is the home of Triebwerk, one of the best gay cruising bars in Berlin for fetishes lovers. This venue has one of the biggest dark rooms in the city and does not miss any detail, so you will find a Saint Andrew’s cross, cabins, a bar and even a huge screen playing porn. Once you get in Triebwerk be ready to leave almost everything in the entrance, not only any prejudice but also all of your clothes! (You can keep your underwear though)


Lab-oratory (Berghain)

It is not exactly a gay cruising bar in Berlin but Lab-oratory is even better: a gay cruising nightclub! Can you imagine a place where you can spend the night dancing house and techno music and getting loss in a huge and dark gay cruising area? This place exists and it is actually very popular, with hundreds of guys constantly looking for action, with an opened mind attitude. Lab-Oratory takes place in a huge industrial building (Berghain’s Club) and has become one of the best gay cruising events in the continent and many hot men enjoy their good music sessions and have fun. An increasing number of hot gay guys, muscled, slim, young or mature, have become loyal regulars who don’t miss any edition!