Gay Cruising Bars – Madrid

Madrid has an unbeatable reputation in terms leisure activities, not limited only to its nightclubs. Besides offering and incredible cultural scene (theatre, live music, cinemas…) the city has also a large number of bars, which are the true soul of Madrid’s nightlife. In Chueca, the popular gay neighbourhood, tens of these bars are focused on the gay community. Lately, many of them have decided to offer something else than just a cocktail: a gay cruising area. In fatc, gay cruising bars and clubs in Madrid have become a successful meeting point for fetish lovers, BDSM, kinky sex lovers and curious men. It is such important that the Spanish capital city organises every year the Sleazy Festival, an unmissable appointment for gay cruising lovers with parties, djs and performances from all over Europe. Next we show you some of the main gay cruising bars in Madrid.


Strong Center

It is only five minutes walking from Chueca, it has been (successfully) opened for more than 10 years and it is open every day of the year. This is Strong’s cover letter and it looks to work: it is the most popular gay cruising bar in Madrid, particularly during the weekend, even if Strong competes against the nightclubs. This is the perfect venue where to have a drink, enjoy a bit of music and get lost in its huge dark room.



Formerly known as Blue Bar, Attack offers a bar, a chill out zone, dark room and dungeons to help locals and tourist finding the right way to have fun. Attack bar provides also free Wifi connection, free to use computers, cloak room service and happy hour in drinks. In fact, it is one of the most complete gay cruising bars in Madrid, and it counts with a loyal group of regulars from all ages. Attack is the perfect place where to meet new people and get closer to them (as close as the both of you are up to…)



The guys from boy Boyberry, who also own other venues in Barcelona, have opened in Chueca one of the busiest gay cruising bars in Madrid. It is a small bar, attended by hot bar tenders and offering the drinks at really affordable prices. Boyberry has a wide range of clients, from mature guys to young lads who go to this venue not only to enjoy while having a beer but also to visit the cruising area. During the night another busy cruising area opens in the basement.


The Cage

In the heart of Chueca there is one of the smallest gay cruising bars in Madrid. In The Cage… wearing clothes is optional! In fact, it has become the favourite meeting point for fans of BDSM, fetish, leather or uniforms. When arriving to the entrance, customers can leave in the cloak room (included in the price) whatever clothes they want to. It is likely to happen that after a while, and due to the high temperature in this venue, many come back to the cloak room to leave some more clothes… if not all. Then they are ready to descend to the dungeons area. The Cage is particularly busy on Sundays evening.



One of the best gay cruising bars in Madrid is also one of the smallest and cosiest. Organic opens the bar early in the evening, and gets busy with men looking for a bit of action in a playground with dark room, slings, cubicles… Anything a fetish lover could need. It is located in Chueca and all kind of fetishes are welcome, from nudist to leather or rubbers. When a theme parties go on, a dress code is required.


Leather Club

The streets of Chueca host this small gay cruising bar in Madrid. The Leather Club, besides having a bar area, has large cruising areas all along its three floors. It is particularly popular among mature men. Despite requiring customers to follow a dress code, in practice they are very flexible about it, so the Leather Club becomes the perfect place for those voyeurs who might not like wearing the dress code clothes themselves but who love looking at others…