Monday, July 

20:30h / 01:00h – Dinner at a local restaurant (tapas specialty – included) + Rainbow Night Tour.

After a magnificent dinner in the centre of Madrid, we will start our tour of the most popular gay bars in the well-renowned neighbourhood of Chueca.

We will explore a wide variety of bars and clubs – those that have made Madrid become one of the most referenced cities in gay culture.

At the end of the tour we will give you the latest recommendations to go to the most fashionable nightclubs with their different styles of music and attendees to suit all tastes!



 Tuesday, July 3rd

16:00h – Madrid City Center Tour.

This 3 hour tour will allow you to discover many of the most symbolic and iconic sites in the epi-centre of Madrid. The journey commences at the famous Puerta del Sol, a perfect start unveiling the city and its many different versions.

The tour will deliver you to imperial Madrid and the oldest area with bountiful history.  We show wonderful examples of Noucentista architecture such as the Mercado de San Miguel, as well as two of the most significant squares in the city, Plaza Mayor and Plaza de la Villa.

You will then be guided to some of the architectural gems that can not be missed in this visit – the Almudena Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the Plaza de Oriente or the Teatro Real.



Wednesday, July 4th

10:00h – Retiro Park Tour + Lunch at a local restaurant (specialty in Mediterranean cuisine – included).

El Retiro is the most important and largest park in the city.  Once formally part of the royal residence, our expert guides will reveal secrets that will take your breath away with its spectacular views.

The tour ends back at the popular gay district, Chueca.   Packed with shops, bars and restaurants that make it one of the most cosmopolitan atmospheres in the world

After this magnificent tour we will need to recharge the batteries to continue with the celebrations. We will eat at one of the best local restaurants. After lunch you will have a few hours to explore the center of Madrid and use the information that your guides have provided during the tours. You can make a cultural visit or relax drinking something in a bar enjoying the pre-party atmosphere of pride in Madrid.

  • 13:00h – Lunch at a local restaurant.


  • 19:00h – Proclamation of parties and the beginning of Pride 2018 (without tour guide)

One of our guides will accompany you from the hotel to the heart of the gay district of Madrid, Plaza de Chueca. Here the official proclamation is announced and the festivities officially begin!  The activities of the following days include outdoor concerts of different tastes, parties, art, culture and competitions for the sport lovers!


 Thursday, July 5th

17:00h – Recommended activities (without tour guide) – High heels, concerts and performances in the Pride Madrid area.

The infamous heels race will be held in its XXI edition. This sought out event takes place in the renowned Calle Pelayo.  The location is very close to your hotel (roughly a 10 minute walk). A fun activity that mixes sportsmanship, endurance, glamour and of course all in good humour!

After this unique event you can enjoy the different concerts and performances to be held at Gay Pride Madrid.


 Friday, July 6th

17:00h – Mr Gay Pride Spain Gala (without tour guide)

This gala is a tradition where more than twenty thousand people have gathered annually since 2008. In its tenth anniversary, 20+ candidates are fighting for the award by parading on the catwalk – in a bid to win the title of Mr Gay Pride Spain. There will be plenty of performances by guest artists for entertainment.  In addition, many singers from the Spanish community come to celebrate and support the contest that has been a beacon promotion of LGBT visibility in Spain and has fast been gaining momentum around.


 Saturday, July 7th

  • 17:00h – Demonstrations of Gay Pride (without tour guide)

Your guides will inform you of the entire itinerary of the demonstration. You will have the best recommendations to join the party from any point of your journey. Your hotel will be just a few minutes from one of the highlights of the Pride demonstration, Cibeles. You can meet with other participants and follow the demonstration from this point individually.

  • 00:00h – 03:00h – Special Pride Madrid Party.

After the demonstration there will be parties, shows and concerts that you can enjoy until 3am.

Your guides will have already given you all the information about the private parties that you can attend. They will be happy to help you buy the tickets and give you all the information about these parties.


 Sunday, July 8th

  • Free day – we will provide you with lots of recommendations of where to go!  Spend the day relaxing in your favourite activities and let the celebrations continue at a pace more suited to what you want.


 Monday, July 9th

The final day of your amazing experience at Madrid Pride





Important Information:

This pack includes:

  • Private guide (small groups).
  • Welcome dinner (included) + Rainbow Night Tour (2h); drinks in the bars are not included.
  • Tour of the City Center of Madrid (3h).
  • Retiro Park Tour (3h) + lunch included.
  • Public transport during the tours.
  • 21% taxes.

Not included: plane tickets, transportation in the city during your stay, personal expenses and tips.

Note:  A dinner (day 2) and a meal (day 4) are included in this package; Soft drinks, wine and beer are included in these meals. The rest of the lunches and dinners are not included.


Send an email to for more information and enjoy the best experience to be received in Gay Holidays!