Gay Saunas in London


London has become what we call a Global City: whatever happens in the British capital generates a powerful influence that expands all over the world. It was here where one of the first gay neighborhoods ever was born: Soho. Many cities keep trying to imitate London and revitalise central areas turning them into the epicentre of the local gay life. However, London is always a step ahead of the other cities. At the current time, the British Metropolis has taken the opposite direction and London is decentralizing its gay life. It explains why we can find gay bars, clubs, and saunas in Vauxhall, Shoreditch, Clapham, Earl’s Court… There is definitely life (and saunas!) out of the Soho. So we would like to introduce you to a selection of Gay Saunas in London, some of them very central and some in different areas.

The Stable

gay-sauna-london-the-stableIn the heart of the Covent Garden, we can find one of the Gay Saunas in London with the best facilities (and one of the smallest ones too), known before as Saunabar. It does not have a big number of cabins and the dry sauna can’t fit many people, but they do have a wet sauna and a stunning swimming pool. The bar area is very pleasant and they serve nice cocktails. The only handicap is that it is not the busiest sauna in the city: sometimes it is quite empty. It is the perfect option if you like relaxing atmospheres and you look for a place to chill out.


Gay-Sauna-London-CharriotsIf you ask any Londoner which Gay Sauna in London do they know, he will probably answer Charriots. It is the name of not one but two Saunas located in different neighborhoods (Vauxhall, Waterloo). The one in Vauxhall might be the most popular one, as it is strategically located: just a few meters away from the nightclubs that have turned this neighborhood into one of the main gay hotspots of the city. It is quite busy, particularly during the weekends, when the clubs close. It is the best option for those who want to continue partying, and probably the least interesting for those looking for a relaxing space. Not far away from there, close to Waterloo, there is another Chariots, one of the biggest saunas in the city which is frequented by young guys, middle age ones, and also some mature men.


Gay-Sauna-London-SweetboxIt is the best Gay Sauna in London to go to if you are in Soho. Located in one of the epicenters of the London’s gay life, Sweetbox has a few particularities that make it stand out from the rest. Besides having awesome facilities (with a huge steam sauna and a cool chill out area) it has a gym on the ground floor. This is why most of the guys sweating in the gym while working out, go downstairs after their training. Many of them decide to have a bit of fun before or after going to the shower. In Sweetbox you can find muscled guys, young guys and many tourists. It is usually busy but one of the best days to go there is on Saturday night, when they organize a foam party! 


Gay-Sauna-London-PleasuredomeIt is one of the Biggest Gay saunas in London. It has a spa, a wet sauna, a dark room, and two types of cabins: one that we could consider standard and another one called deluxe (sometimes you may find it worth spending a few more pounds if you want to spend some private time with someone special…). They also have a massage service and two big dry saunas (and by big they mean that up to 20 people can fit in there). All kind of guys go to the Pleasuredome sauna, which is the most underground one in the city.


Gay-Sauna-London-SailorsaunaIt is maybe one of the most unknown Gay Saunas in London, despite its convenient location in Shoreditch, the trendy neighborhood of the city. It has all the expected facilities for a sauna: a dry and a wet sauna, a spa, etc. But Sailorsauna stands out because of its original marketing campaigns: they have a student’s day, which offers an affordable price for them, and they also organize a Latino and Spanish day. On Sundays, your pass even includes a free roast dinner!


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