About us

What is Rainbow Gay Tours?

Rainbow Gay Tours is a project born from the need to find tourism and leisure offers specifically designed for the LGBTQ community. We are a team of tourism experts with diverse interests and experiences who share a common dream: ensuring that everyone enjoys the best holiday of their lives, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The whole Rainbow team is LGBTQ, meaning that we are insiders in LGBTQ culture. In our tours we focus not only on the mainstream culture and history of the cities we work in, but we also discuss the LGBTQ history, lifestyle, nightlife, and much more.

We are also experts in customizing our tours to our clients’ preferences. The routes we propose will get you closer to the must-see places and monuments, but, depending on your personal tastes and interests, we can adapt, combine, or change routes so that you can visit exactly what you like in each city.

Experience the freedom of discovering a new landscape with a close friend, and enjoy an authentic experience with our expert local guides.

Dare to be yourself wherever you go. Dare to be Rainbow.

Meet the team!

Rainbow Gay Tours Eloi Morte

Eloi Morte Castelló

Founder and CEO

Eloi is a Barcelona native who has traveled to the five continents thanks to his experience in the aviation field, in which he worked as a flight attendant for more than eight years. After this period, he decided to change paths and focus on a different aspect of the tourism industry in his birth city, Barcelona. That is when he founded the first LGBTQ tour company in Spain: Rainbow Gay Tours.
Eloi is a cheerful, optimistic and hardworking person, he organize as well the Snow Gay Weekend, the biggest LGBTQ snow event in Spain. Additionally, during the year 2018, Eloi became the director of Pride Barcelona and ACEGAL, the first Catalan Association for Gay and Lesbian-owned Companies, although he later returned to Rainbow in order to work on its expansion plan.
Eloi speaks Spanish, Catalan, and English, and if he had to pick one holiday destination to go back to anytime, he would choose Barcelona, an open-minded, cosmopolite and constantly changing city where he always feels at home.

Rainbow Gay Tours Albert Allepuz

Albert Allepuz

Reservations and Operations Manager

Albert is a tourism and business management enthusiast from Barcelona. He studied business administration in Barcelona and, after working in the same big company for almost ten years, he took the leap and joined Rainbow Gay Tours, where he now works in reservations and operations, an area in which he enjoys using his coordination and organizational skills.
Albert speaks Spanish, Catalan and English, and, besides his beloved Barcelona, his favorite city is Berlin, a place where, according to him, “you can feel absolute freedom” and “everyone can feel at home”.

Rainbow Gay Tours Ernesto López

Ernesto López

Reservations Manager

Born in Valladolid, Ernesto has been a traveling and tourism enthusiast from a very early age. He has lived, studied and worked in several European countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany, finishing his studies in Tourism in the latter. For him, getting to know other cultures and their languages means opening up to the world and enjoying everything it has to offer.
Ernesto is fluent in Spanish and English, and his favorite travel destination has always been Barcelona, a place that welcomed him with open arms and which he now describes as his adoptive city.

Rainbow Gay Tours Lluis Azorín

Lluis Azorín


Lluis is a technology and computing enthusiast born in Barcelona. He is an I.T. engineering distance student who is passionate about investigating every kind of technology he can find, from cars to apps, smartphones and much more. He has been practicing karate for more than 20 years, a sport that has now become a fundamental part of his life and which he combines with his busy schedule as an I.T. and communications expert.
Lluis speaks Spanish, Catalan and English, and his most memorable trip ever was to Cuba, where he could find perfect landscapes to wander through.

Rainbow Gay Tours Aleix Romea Negre

Aleix Romea Negre

Tour Guide

Aleix is ​​a Barcelona-born graduate in History and Cultural Management who currently works as our expert guide at the Camp Nou, the Barcelona Football Club stadium. Being both a certified guide and a professional one, Aleix loves teaching and enjoys showing the history and secret places of his hometown.
He is passionate about sports and enjoys learning and sharing his knowledge on subjects as diverse as the history of the Olympism or everything related to the Barcelona Football Club.
He has lived in Brighton for a few months and speaks Spanish, Catalan and English. His favorite travel destinations are the cities of Paris and Berlin, although he is a strong supporter of local tourism and loves discovering hidden corners within his own province or country.

Rainbow Gay Tours Javier Parrilla

Javier Parrilla Guix

Tour Guide

Javier is a Barcelona-born Journalism graduate with studies in acting, theatre, and education. After working as a journalist in Spain and Morocco for a few years, he decided to switch professional paths and venture into tourism, a field he feels passionated to work in. Javier worked as a tour guide in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Spain, and he also worked in high school education in Catalonia and Denmark. He is passionated about travel and learning new languages, and as for today he is fluent in English, German, French, Catalan, and Spanish, and has a medium level of Basque Language, Danish, Arabic, and Italian. He would be unable to choose one single holiday destination that has marked his live, but the cities of Formentera, Istambul, and Berlin will always have a spot in his heart.

Rainbow Gay Tours Jordi Ternero Elvira

Jordi Ternero Elvira

Tour Guide

Jordi is a professional guide born in Barcelona who is passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures. Being an outdoors enthusiast, he loves everything related to sports, excursions and open-air hobbies, and, whenever he has the chance, he plans a quick trip to the Costa Brava shore to enjoy the sun and the sea. In addition, he has studied botany and landscaping, something which is in line with his love for nature. He has lived in Berlin and London, but, a few years ago, he decided to return to his native Barcelona, ​​a city that he is in love with.
Jordi speaks Spanish, Catalan, English and a little bit of Italian, German and British Sign Language (BSL). The experiences that have impressed him the most are visiting the Angkor Temples in Cambodia, seeing the northern lights of Norway and traveling to the national parks of the West Coast of the United States. In the years to come, he dreams of discovering more countries in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Rainbow Gay Tours Jorge Cedeño

Jorge Cedeño

Tour Guide

Jorge is a professional guide from Barcelona who loves traveling and getting to know people from all over the world. As he explains, he is fortunate to be a tour guide, a job that he considers his vocation. He discovered this profession at an early age and he carries out his duties every day with passion and enthusiasm. Jorge knows Barcelona inside out ​​and loves to show the wonders of his city to all the people who come to visit it.
He speaks Spanish, English and Catalan, and the travel destination that he has enjoyed the most so far is the United States and the cities of New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco in particular.

Rainbow Gay Tours Marc Selva Comadran

Marc Selva Comadran

Tour Guide

Marc is a certified geographer and a history and social sciences lover who was born in Mollet del Vallès, a municipality in the region of Barcelona. He is really passionate about culture, languages, nature and theater. From a very young age he knew that his destiny was linked to people and teaching, which led him to work first as a learning support teacher for primary and secondary education students and later as a tourist guide with Rainbow.
He has lived in Barcelona and London and speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Italian. The most impressive trip of his life was to Cairo, a destination that he was fortunate enough to discover thanks to a person from the area who showed him all the secrets of the city.