Circuit Festival: Conquer the summer

Every year, when August arrives, Barcelona is filled  with sculptural bodies that wander throughout the city for two weeks. Where are they going? Why are they here? If you still do not know, you have never come Circuit.

Circuit Festival is the international gay event per excellence. When Matinée Group launched its first edition, in 2008, Circuit changed the landscape of gay festivals around the world. Ten years later, the festival continues to host more than 70,000 attendees from all over the world.

And is that if you like clubbing, Circuit is your festival: 15 incredible parties, more than 40 internationally renowned DJs and thousands of men enjoying music, trying to live a unique collective experience and turning Barcelona into the gay capital of summer .

If you are thinking of going, we recommend you to study the program well and organize yourself to sign up for some of its sports and cultural activities.
And, of course, take advantage of the fact that Barcelona rests on holidays to visit all its corners and the parties that are organized everywhere, from the terraces of the hotels to the famous gay beach bar of Mar Bella.




Just 30 minutes from Barcelona, the most impressive party of the Circuit Festival is celebrated. 3 macro swimming pools, 22 slides and 12 hours of music that will make you take off your shirt and join the thousands of wet bodies that dance without stopping.

IMPORTANT. Being the most crowded party there are some tips that you should know:

  • Arrive as soon as possible. The venue opens at 10 in the morning and, if you want to avoid queues and enjoy yourself to the fullest, we recommend you arrive early at the park.
  • Do not miss the final number. To close the day, every year a fireworks show, water and music is prepared that you should not miss.
  • Get out as soon as possible. Once you have seen the show, we recommend you do not wait until the last moment to leave. Everyone wants to enjoy until the end! The importance of the outfit. Although in the Waterpark, what is said to wear clothes, does not take much, it is important that you choose a good swimsuit with which you feel comfortable. Everyone has their preferences: there are those who prefer a tight and very sexy, others prefer to leave less to the imagination and bet on a wider boxer. And even, there are the most daring, who dare with grids and transparencies.


Do not worry about how to get there, the organization itself offers the option of transport from Plaza Catalunya.



Not everyone knows, but Circuit Festival is not just a festival for men. In 2008 the organizer also decided to create the Girlie Circuit Festival.

Thanks to the success, the city quickly became a meeting point, also for girls. If you are a lesbian and you like the party, join the G face of the Circuit.


This year’s edition will be held from 9 to 13 August and promises to come strong. Although the program is not yet public, we recommend that you sign in with time, in the first phase of the early bird.

If you get an ALL ACCESS PASS WRISTBAND you will have preferential access to all the parties, 35% OFF of the total ticket price, access to a selection of DIR gyms in the city and also gifts and discounts in all associated stores.

Live the Circuit with us!

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