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Condoms in Barcelona

By Marta Molas, from

Up until 2008 there was a Durex condoms Factory in Rubí (Barcelona), the only remaining one of its kind in Europe. The British company later delocalized their production to India and Thailand, thus eliminating 230 jobs in the blink of an eye. You know how globalization works. Nothing unusual, the same happened in 2013 with the brand Control, who stopped their production in Alcorcón (Madrid, Spain) and took their factories to Thailand. This Asian country is one of the greatest prophylactic producers in the world along with other Asian countries such as India and, of course, China. Knowing that our condoms won’t be locally sourced, then, let’s analyze other factors that may influence our purchasing decision.

Where to find condoms in Barcelona

Where are condoms sold in Barcelona?
There are three main places where you can buy them:

In pharmacies: It is the place where condoms are traditionally sold and bought. For some, pharmacies continue being the most embarrassing place to ask for condoms because in Spanish pharmacies there is no self-service and thus having to ask the pharmacist “could I please have a box of XL condoms?” may result in an uncomfortable junk glance. Jokes aside, pharmacies are the perfect place to buy condoms although you may only be able to find the most popular brands like Control and Durex. We will go in-depth about this topic later in this article, but it is fair to acknowledge now that “most popular brand” does not mean they are the best. But if caught in a pinch, pharmacy condoms can perfectly do their job.

In supermarkets: The condoms that can be found in supermarkets are not much different from the ones you can find in a pharmacy. There is the same problem: they only have a couple of brands available (usually, Durex and Control), and among those brands, they only have a couple of different types. You won’t find many more options. On the bright side, you won’t have to ask anybody for your condoms, you will be able to pick them up from the shelf and then take them to a counter where the cashier may or may not congratulate you on the fun night you are about to have.

In erotic shops: Here is where you can find the most variety, and the place where we recommend you buy them. Besides of Control and Durex, they will have an endless list of brands, products, and types so you can find the condom that exactly matches your preferences, size, sensibilities, allergies… In erotic and sex shops you can find flavored condoms, textured condoms, condoms made out of different materials (latex, polyurethane…), organiz condoms, vegan condoms (with no casein on their lubricant, a protein that can be found in cow milk), condoms with tons of lube, condoms with no lube, XL condoms, custom size condoms like the My Size ones, very thin condoms, hyper-resistant condoms… You won’t be able to leave without a box (or several).

Free condoms Barcelona

Free condoms, where?!

If you are travelling to Barcelona on cheap queen mode , this section may interest you. In Barcelona there are several places where you can get your hands on some free condoms.

Health centers: Planned Parenthood, sex education centers, and STD prevention centers are some of the places that usually have condoms for men (and sometimes for women too!) for free. Sometimes it is a bit of a hustle to go to the health center to get some free condoms, but if your finances are low, the effort will be worth it. Here we list some centers that do have free condoms:

» Centre Jove d’Anticoncepció i Sexualitat (Youth Center for Contraception and Sexuality)
– La Granja, 19 Barcelona.
» Stop Sida Barcelona (Stop AIDS Barcelona)
– Consell de Cent, 246 Barcelona.
» SIDAStudi
– Carrer del Carme, 16 Barcelona.
» Asociación Ciudadana Anti-SIDA de Cataluña (Citizen Union against AIDS in Barcelona)
Lluna, 11 Barcelona

» Proyecto de los Nombres – Hispanosida
Comte Borrell, 164-166 Barcelona

» Fundación Salud y Comunidad
Sant Germà, 12 Barcelona

» Creación Positiva
Sants, 2-4 Barcelona

» Gais Positius
Violant d’Hongria, 156 Barcelona

» GTT (Work Group on AIDS Treatment)
 Casp, 118-120 Barcelona

Condones gratis Barcelona

Sex and cruising clubs: In gay cruising clubs, as well as some heterosexual sex clubs (like swingers’), you will be able to find free condoms. Although, not every gay or sex club has a free entrance, but since you’re already paying for the entrance fee, you might as well grab a condom or two for free. These are some of the places where you will find free condoms for sure:

» Saunas Grupo Pases
» Sauna Casanova
– Casanova, 57 Barcelona.
» Sauna Thermas
– Diputació, 46 Barcelona.
» Sauna Condal
– Espolsasacs, 1 Barcelona.
» Sauna Barcelona
– Tuset, 1 Barcelona.

As you can see, it is not difficult to find a free condom in Barcelona, although we still have a long way to go before we are able to create a find-your-free-condoms app like they did in New York in 2011.


Which brands am I going to find?

Preservativos Barcelona The most common ones: The most commercialized brands are Durex and Control. Does that mean they are the best? Probably not, it’s the magic of marketing. It helps you obtain sales, regardless of the quality of your product. Among those two brands, the types of condoms you will find are very similar: some have dots or rougher stripes, some have a retardant effect, some have flavors, some are bigger, some are thinner…. In a way, these brands keep copying each other up to a point where we can’t tell what belongs to one brand and what belongs to the other.

»  Deluxe condoms: Luxurious is an adjective that can also be applied to condoms. For instance, HEX de Lelo, is a new brand in the market with a hexagonal structure that helps them adapt perfectly to the penis and promises an awesome time for those who dare try it. Although, we need to warn you: they are extra pricey.

» Lesser known brands, but great results: There is an entire array of lesser known brands that have been proven to have awesome results and are extremely budget-friendly. We are talking or brands such as Prime, Skins o ESP. Don’t hesitate to give them a try, they won’t disappoint!


And if we are talking free condoms, you may not have the chance to be picky with the brand. The most common ones in the free condom universe is Matrix Condoms, although some complain their products are not flexible enough and can be quite difficult to find. However, this brand does not have a single type of condom and they do have some thinner models.

Whatever you choose, if you find yourself in Barcelona, there are enough condoms for all!