Madrid Gay Cruising Areas

Gay Cruising Areas in Madrid

Madrid has one of the best gay neighborhoods in the world, it organizes an LGBTQ Pride with more than one million attendants and offers an endless nightlife which you can’t find in any of the other European capital cities. There are a lot of factors which make it obvious that there are many gay cruising areas in Madrid. Unfortunately, during the last years the Retiro Park, one of the most popular gay cruising areas in Madrid for decades, has become a bit unsafe, so many cruisers avoid going there. However, the Spanish capital city has found ways to replace this loss with many other hotspots for gay cruising lovers. Find here the hottest gay cruising areas in Madrid.

Madrid Gay Cruising

Shopping centers and malls

Where there is a shopping center with public restrooms, there is some gay cruising action going on in there. The Spanish capital is not an exception. At the El Corte Inglés toilets we can find one of the main gay cruising areas in Madrid. The one in Sol (CDs and bookshop area), the one in Callao, the one in Goya, also in Hipercor in Méndez Álvaro, any El Corte Inglés has become home to gay cruisers, especially mature ones.

Madrid Gay Cruising

We ignore if this specific mall will appear in the Spanish economic history in the near future, however, it should appear in the Gay Movement history books thanks to the incalculable (and also involuntary) support its restrooms have given to the gay community during decades. The FNAC store in Callao is another gay cruising point. The restrooms on the last floor are visited by many young guys, some mature men and some unaware guests who do not reject a bit of unexpected fun.

Juan Carlos I Park

Madrid Gay Cruising

At Campo de las Naciones, Madrid’s main exhibition center, there is a parking lot where cruising has become very popular. Especially popular among suited executives, the area has become one of the best gay cruising areas in Madrid. The area is full of offices, so many guys pass by with their cars searching some fun during the evenings. You can find some guys during the night too. It gets very busy when Madrid celebrates international exhibitions at IFEMA.

Casa de Campo

Madrid Gay Cruising

This huge park has a reputation of being the brothel of the city. However, it is large enough to have many different areas in it. Casa de Campo is actually one of the best cruising areas in Madrid, particularly during the summer. There is an area called Cerro de las Canteras (sorry, you may need to Google that one), which is a bit complicated to arrive to and can only be accessed by foot. But its difficult access becomes a blessing in disguise. It is a very discreet place, where a lot of guys are looking for fun. Mature men having a walk, students with little to do during the summer, muscled guys enjoying a naked sunbath…

Faro de Moncloa / Museo de América

Madrid Gay Cruising

Faro de Moncloa has become one of the busiest gay cruising areas in Madrid. And there are gay cruisers all through the day, until quite late at night. It is strategically located, pretty central but in the heart of a university area at the same time. It becomes an advantage, as many students go there as well as middle age guys and mature men.

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