LGBTQ Films 2017

LGBTQ movies in 2017

The LGBTQ movies released in 2017 had a difficult challenge: keeping up with the level set by the LGBTQ films from the previous year. In fact, 2016 will be remembered as one of the greatest years for LGBTQ cinema.

Películas LGTBI Gay Lesbianas Trans de 2017

The critics were wowed by productions like The Danish Girl and Freeheld, which succeeded in some of the most important world-wide festivals, such as Cannes and San Sebastian. However, the greatest surprise didn’t come from critics or festivals, but from the box office: Deadpool, the first openly pansexual hero, became one of the most successful films of the year and earned a spot in the top 10 most viewed movies around the world. Anyway, the LGBTQ movies released in 2017 didn’t disappoint us either, judging from the success achieved by Moonlight in the Golden Globe and Oscar Awards. In this article, you can see some of our favorite LGBTQ films of 2017.



It happened the previous year with The Danish Girl and it happened again with Moonlight: the Golden Globes were awarded to a film that became one of the most relevant LGBTQ movies in 2017. The film follows Chiron through different life stages, from childhood to adult life, without missing his years as a teenager. Abandoned when he was a child, Chiron grew up in conflictive, drug-cartel infested Miami. Living with a dysfunctional family, Chiron will find his way through adulthood while discovering his sexuality.

Moonlight was one of the favorite movies for the 2017 Oscar Awards, earning 3 different awards.


I am Michael

James Franco brought another gay film to the cinemas in 2017. I am Michael tells the story of Michael Glatze, who was a gay activist that co-founded of Young Gay America and a former advocate for gay rights. Surprisingly, a few years afterward, he denied being gay and publicly condemned homosexuality. There is no doubt he is one of the most controversial personalities in the story of the LGBTQ rights movement. The movie was premiered in a few festivals during 2015. However, it had to wait for two years to be launched in cinemas.


Las leyes de la termodinámica

This Spanish title means, literally, “the Thermodynamic’s Laws”. Such a suggestive name introduces one of the most expected Spanish LGBTQ movies in 2017. Romance and comedy make a good match, and the Spanish directors are pretty good at filming this genre. In Las Leyes de la Termodinámica, besides the characters involved in the love story, there will be another main character: Pride Barcelona. Not in vain, all the action happens during the Gay Pride that Barcelona celebrates every summer. If you don’t know anything about Spanish cinema, just google these two actors: Hugo Silva and Chino Darín. If you do, we are sure that this film will be one of your top 10 2017 LGBTQ movies too!


Tom Of Finland

It premiered in Finland and Sweden only. However, we are sure that hundreds of fans will watch the movie after the DVD/VOD launch. Why is that? Basically, because Tom Of Finland is the LGBTQ movie in 2017 which pays tribute to one of the most important LGBTQ icons, not only in the twentieth century but even nowadays.


The Pass

British cinema knows how to put salt on the wound where other more commercial-oriented film industries don’t dare. The Pass seems to be one of the most interesting LGBTQ movies in 2017 because it brings attention to one of the last taboos in our (supposedly) open-minded Western societies: homosexuality in soccer. How many gay footballers do you know? Probably none.

The Pass explains the story of gay soccer players in the Champions League. Coincidentally, the film was released when the British Football Federation was recommending gay footballers to leave the closet! It arrived to British cinemas by the end of December 2016 and was launched in other countries during 2017.