Best LGBTQ movies in 2016

It seems that the year of the same-sex marriage normalization in the USA has encouraged the cinema distributors to produce many movies inspired on the LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ movies released in 2016 will keep the high quality of the ones premiered during 2015, which was a year that brought us many relevant gay movies. Pride showed us once again the natural British ability to turn cinematic drama into an excellent comedy. But The Imitation Game has probably been the most notorious feature of the year: it was nominated for the most relevant Oscar, Best Film Award, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director, and it finally won the Best Adapted Screenplay Award. We are confident that the LGBTQ Movies in 2016 keep up this awesome quality level!

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The Danish Girl

This film is based on the story of the story of the first known transexual woman: Lili Elbe. Elbe underwent surgery to change her sex, abandoning her identity as Einer Wegener. It happened during the 20s and early 30s, a time when this kind of surgery was not only new but also polemical and shocking for the society. Lili´s marriage was inevitably affected, even if Gerda, Lili´s wife, supported her decision. This biographical drama film is one of the most relevant LGBTQ movies from 2016, and its director, Tom Hooper, was nominated to the Best Director Golden Lion in the Mostra di Venezia of that same year.


Freeheld was one of the first films to reach the European theatres in 2016. This LGBTQ movie is based on the true story of Laurel Hester (Julianne Moore), a police officer, and her life partner Stacy Angree (Ellen Page). The film attended the San Sebastian Film Festival and was nominated to the Golden Shell. We do not want to spoil the plot of the movie, but we can definitely assure you it’s worth your time. You may need to trust us on this one. 😛

King Cobra

Among all LGBTQ movies released in 2016, King Cobra was the most expected one. James Franco is a part of the cast, and during the last years, we have to acknowledge his effort promoting the movies he is involved in. King Cobra is based on the story of Brian Kocis (Christian Slater), a director of gay porn movies and founder of Cobra Video, a gay porn brand. The cast also includes Keegan Allen (Pretty Little Liars) and Garret Clayton, another uprising star from the Disney Factory.

Grinder y Three

Despite Grinder and Three being two different movies, they both have someone in common: Julián Gavilanes. The young North American actor will be involved in a threesome relationship in Three, one of the last LGBTQ movies to reach the theatres in 2016. The film highlights the contrast between the conventionalism of adulthood and the curiosity pushing us to discover new sexual and sentimental relationships during our youth. Gavilanes will also appear in Grinder. Which such a title, you can imagine how relevant sex and beauty obsessions are in this underground thriller about a teenage boy who is lured into moving to New York by a quite particular movie star agent. Have a look at the triler, we are sure it will captivate your attention as much as it did for us.

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