Top 3 LGBT destinations of 2019

It is true that there are still a few months left for summer but now it’s time to plan your next trip, here we leave the 3 LGTBI destinations of 2019.


Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has undoubtedly become the LGTBI destination of this 2019. Apart from Being the winner of the British LGBT Awards, this year the Eurovision Song Contest is held there.

Named as the “New gay destination” by El Periódico, or “The gay tourism epicentrum” by El País, it has definitely become a destination that you have to visit if or if.

What to do in Tel Aviv 2019?

Tel Aviv Pride Week

The second week of June is the Tel Aviv Pride Week. This year the Pride will be held from June 9 to 14. The event brings together different activities, talks, parties, concerts and the famous parade.

On its website you will find much more information about the Tel Aviv Pride Week. And if what you like are the Prides here you have our article about the best Prides in Spain.

Visit the neighborhood of Neve Tzedek

If there is something you should not miss from the city, it is Neve Tzedek neighborhood, the most special of all and where all the latest trends and the purest design are housed.


Jerusalem, located southeast of Tel Aviv is a territory protected by UNESCO. What is considered the Holy Land, it is worth visiting if you want to know what peace and tranquility are.

These are just some of the musts in the city. If you want to know more we leave you this article from our friends from Lonley Planet.



Yes, you have read it well.

Another of the LGTBI destinations this year is Lisbon. Known for its trams, tiles and romantic neighborhoods. The city of the 7 hills has a great cultural and architectural offer (apart from the saunas and nightlife: P)

If you take the line 28 of the tram, one of the most popular you can visit the Alfama neighborhood, one of the more picturesque and beautiful.

You can not leave the city without visiting the Belém district and try its legendary cake. The cream cakes are the most famous food of the Portuguese city. When you try one you will not want to stop eating them.


The LGBTI night in Lisbon

One of the surprising things about the LGBTI night in Lisbon is the late afternoon. While most nightclubs close around 2 a.m., it is from that time when they open the LGTBI ones.

Undoubtedly, the best known club of all is Trumps, from fetish to drag shows. There you can find the best of the whole city.

If you like bears, you have to visit the TR3S Bar (on Sundays), although this also offers different shows during the week.

Another option is Bar 106, with more than 18 years of experience it is a cozy and charming bar, in this they also offer drags shows.


The Spanish capital is one of the favorite cities for LGTBI tourism from all over the world.

Discover the neighborhood of Chueca, a boat ride through the Retiro Park, stroll along the Gran Vía or discover San Lorenzo del Escorial. Madrid has a lot to offer you beside an impressive cultural offer.


Madrid Pride (MADO 2019)

As we told you in our post about Prides in Spain. Madrid Orgullo is one of the festivals that you can not miss: “During the Pride week, the mythical neighborhood of Chueca becomes the focus of the city. There, flags and garlands adorn the balconies, while the cobblestones are covered with candy, glitter and lots of confetti. From June 28 to July 7, Madrid will once again be full of pride, fun and a lot of freedom.”

If you want to know more about LGTBI + destinations, you can learn more here.