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Women in the LGBTQ world: 5 Spanish women we must know

One of the positive changes of the modern era is the visibility of the LGBTQ community in our society. For all the occidental society, any big city we go to has a big offer for the LGBTQ community. Berlin, Paris, San Francisco, Madrid, Barcelona, London… There are also big tolerant cities in Latin America such as Mexico DF, Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro.LGBT Women Lesbian Bisexual

The presence of the community is also growing in the media. There are more and more series and movies (that are not exclusively for the LGBTQ community) that include characters of the community, even if they are not the main character, in international series like “Modern Family” as well as in some Spanish productions like “Física y Química” (a Spanish series for teenagers).

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Nevertheless, have you realized that most of the LGBTQ visibility, both in media and in LGBTQ-friendly communities are usually men-centered?

That’s right. It seems like being homosexual is only a men thing, whereas women have a very few poor visibility. This is the never-ending problem that is constantly seen in almost all different aspects between women and men.

That’s why, in order to contribute with a bit more to the visibility of women and in order to show that there are in fact women within the community that are very present in the scene, fighting for the visibility not only of lesbians and bisexual women but also for the whole LGBTQ community, we have decided to make this short list including 5 women that are very important within Spain. So if you plan to visit Spain and wonder about the work of lesbian activists, this list is for you. We hope it helps you have a better idea of some important lesbian or bisexual women in Spain.

LGBT Women Ángeles ÁlvarezÁngeles Álvarez

This is one of the most famous lesbians in Spain. She appeared in the ranking done by “La Otra Razon” in 2014 as the 5th most influential homosexual (man or woman) in Spain. She is a member of the Socialist Party (PSOE) as well as member of “ Cortes Generales de España”. This politician, has also collaborated with Fundación Mujeres, an association for women, by undertaking the first campaign against gender violence in Spain. She definitely is one of the most important public figures for women, lesbian or not.


LGBT Women Isabel FrancIsabel Franc

This writer, also known as Lola Van Guardia (a pseudonym she used for publishing a trilogy about the lesbian scene in Barcelona), is the author of different lesbian fiction novels, like “Entre Todas las Mujeres”, although she has also written other novels such as the comic about breast cancer “Alicia en un mundo real”.


LGBT Women Elena AnayaElena Anaya

This famous actress, winer of a Goya award to the best female interpretation as the main character in “The Skin I Live In”, has worked in different films like “Talk to her” or “Sex and Lucia”. Being openly lesbian, this actress contributes to the visibly of lesbian women, not only because she is one of the best actresses in the film industry, but also because she has been in lesbian movies like “Room in Rome”.


LGBT Women Beatriz Gimeno FELGTB

Beatriz Gimeno

Beatriz Gimeno is an LGBTQ activist. She was president of the FELGTB (Lesbian, Gays, Transexuals and Bisexuals Spanish Federation) between 2003 and 2007. During that time, the law on gay marriage was passed in Spain. Although, she had to fight against the conservative party (PP) and the Catholic Church (very influential in Spain) so that this law could be passed. She is definitely one of the key people not only for the rights of lesbian or bisexual women, but also for the right of the whole LGBTQ community in Spain.


LGBT Women Marta Fernández Irráiz LesworkingMarta Fernández Irráiz 

We all know that men are normally in charge of the best working places within business. That’s why, Marta Fernandez has been an example to follow within the business world. She founded LesWorking, the first professional network for lesbian women in Spain. This is one of the most important tools for women who decide to take a place within the business world. She also collaborates with the magazine for lesbian Magles and she is vicepresident of the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce.